Social Media Monitoring Beginner’s Guide

Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Warm Up
Warming up to social media is a necessity”, you have been told this at least a million times. Time and again you have been told to make your presence felt in this dynamic online next generation web arena. So you have set out, made those multiple profiles, started engaging got the ball rolling with your audience talking about you, not necessarily WITH You, across the social media platform which includes thousands of sites:-
mainstream news (CNN, TOI, NYT); networking (Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace); microblogging (Twitter, Friendfeed, Identica); bookmarking (Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious); video (YouTube, Livevideo, Metacafe); images (Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket,); blogs (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr); forums; comments; etc.
Within matter of seconds mammoth of actions are take place on each conversation or mention. The creator of the conversation may be one but the millions of users
are responsible for cultivating the buzz by sharing it in each possible free tool, which are numerous! Each individual is an author and has freedom to write about
absolutely anything that he wills to.
Omllion defines Social Media as:-
“Social Media is amalgamation of traditional information sharing mediums with the social discussions platforms, where an individual easily shifts between the roles of audience, author, reviewer and commentator influencing his network’s sentiments by employing and sharing conversation tools- content pictures, video, links, etc.”
For a business entity social media is simply making itself public in way that people feel strongly connected to them. They have to look and seem approachable. With millions of users accessing internet and 98% of them having at least 3 identities on social networking sites, it clearly goes to show the potential that this medium offers to the marketers, erasing any geographical boundaries. Identifying this mammoth of marketing potential provided by this medium, businesses across the world have their Facebook pages, verified Twitter accounts, slideshare accounts, blogs, etc. As you grow on social media real keeping track of real time updates and buzz can daunt you no matter if you run a small or medium business or a huge corporation, because you cannot afford to miss a single movement on social media by you, your competitors and your audience.
One misses; is an opportunity lost and can prove to be a disaster to your image, too.
Here is where ‘Social Media Monitoring’ comes in, the Super Hero of this eBook. This paperless, eco friendly book would introduce Super Hero right from what he does and how he does it
laying a foundation to talk about his various future endeavors.

What is Social Media Monitoring?
Any advertising or marketing medium that businesses utilize have to prove its effectiveness by ensuring being able to be measurable to feed number crunching and result demanding Marketing and Sales Head what is their ROI (Return on Investment). It also shows you what is working for you and what is working for your competitors, which medium are your people more involved in, etc. All these aspects help a marketer to identify, decide and invest his time and money wisely to get the maximum benefit. This is exactly what social media monitoring does for social media platform of dynamic Facebook and Twitter which give real time feeds.
Social Media Monitoring pulls in real time results about not just how is your campaign performing, but also what is world talking about you! No matter of what size your brand is, there will be always social media gossip about you in the forms of customer feedback, suggestion, comment, criticism, or review. As cluttered, scattered and real time social media conversations taking place here are not easy to track, you cannot keep checking each site minute after minute for any relevant updates, no matter how many executives you employee, also how do keep track of sites that you are unaware of.
Social Media Monitoring tool fetch all the relevant social media ‘conversations’ delivering them in real time on a simple and user friendly dashboard where you can dissect all this mammoth of information by using various parameters provided by the tool in, common ones include- top sources, top authors, influencers and so on; aiding you to analyze, measure and engage with your audience accordingly because a plan well formulated, back by strong evidences and figures can never be short of a ‘massive hit’.

CHAPTER II What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social Media Monitoring empowers anyone to monitor relevant conversations- could be about you or others- to reflect on what’s happening, the buzz, the trend, drawing it together under one roof aiding you to listen carefully, hinting pointedly at where you must actually listen actively and is an indispensable part or ensuring successful engagement of your market or community.
Social Media Monitoring, in short, is about:-
Keeping track of social media conversations in real time Segregating based on factors like sentiments, authors, sources, classifications, etc Measuring the growth based in those factors over a period of time Tracking your positioning compared to that of your competitors Monitoring competitors’ social media activities to crack their strategy Staying updated about audience’s response on content created by you Foreseeing social media trend Understanding likes and dislikes of your audience Protecting and boosting your corporate image Strengthening your social media presence Connecting with world on one to one basis
Social Media Monitoring can redefine your social media existence, the way you want world to pursue, you!

Why the buzz Social Media Monitoring?
Social Media Monitoring has been around in many forms free tools like Google Alerts, socialmention, tweet deck, etc but with new age technology and immense growth in social media participation handling so many screens is definitely a daunting task and adroit social media monitoring tools have come into existence to simplify all of this. These tools do not get these conversations in ‘as they happen’ but also let you measure, analyze, engage and take action on them encouraging collaborative team working.
Social Media Monitoring has created this buzz and whole excitement about itself, because it goes a step ahead and gives a total power in your hand to take control of your social media presence. With all size of businesses applying this monitoring tool, they have been able to know exactly what is it working or not working for them enabling them to take strong impactful decision in that direction. This has let many others realize the potential of the neoteric tool that is here to change the world, ease the life of marketers and channelize money of the investors on right platform.
Social Media Monitoring has found its footing with many market leaders giving out essential information about this medium time and again in varied forms. But the paramount reason for all the buzz is the fact that you can now keep a track of not just your brands, but also your people. It is proving to an effective tool for not just marketers but also for:
• Human Resources- keep track of employees’ moves, what are they talking about the company and competitors because employees are brand ambassadors on social media.
• Customer Support- most people complain about their unhappiness about a product or service on Facebook wall post or Tweet about it, influencing others on their network. Customer support can identify such conversations and solve the problems for audience in real time.
• Business Development- identifies new business opportunities which are making rounds in each and every corner of social media.
• Corporate Communication- they can easily establish internal and external dialogue in matter of seconds. Monitor is company and its employees are communicating in sync with the company’s value and identity.
• Research and Development- precise and close monitoring can act as your research ground for new product, talent hunting, target your campaign, competitors’ strategy.
• Public Relation- aids in keeping track of which media has covered you and what are they talking about your clients or their competitors- good, bad or ugly,; accordingly formulate you plan of action for your client.
• Investors- All of this together, will help you keep your investors happy, as they would know the transparently about how their money is invested or even pitch for bigger investors with your strong growth reports!
Most important of all is that you breathe in life in your brand and let it connect with customers, clients, friends, investors, family and anyone else who cares about your brand as a real person! When one tool can multi task for whole organization, it is bound to create buzz and make you wonder what you are missing out on.

When to begin Social Media Monitoring?
ASAP (As soon as Possible)! The earlier you begin, more beneficial it would prove for your! Here is the reasoning why you must start social media monitoring, no matter where you are in your business life cycle or which size of business you run:
• Startup: When you are new, no matter how many reports and market researches you have done nothing can guide you like social media monitoring does. It helps you identify your competitors, track their strategies, listen to industry buzz, track where your audience is, understand how you are different from others or if there are many like you and you have to innovate and quick to compete with them. Monitoring is a boon for a startup, by the time you grow; you will also be a pro at this tool and know how to exploit it to your benefit inside out.
• Established: So you have been here for considerable number of years, know tricks of trades like back of your hand and are doing well with most of your product and services performing well. You are also employing every marketing tip in the book to do things correctly and get benefits. Being an established brand you have to be first one to monitor your social media presence because any negative comment or sentiment about your brand could lead to your decline. So you need to monitor what mainstream media is talking about you and how is your audience conversing about your brand are they complaining, if yes, are you doing anything to console them? If they are praising your product then are you out there acknowledging their support? It guides your engagement and customer retention.
For you- customer support, business development and public relation would be on highest priority.

CHAPTER IV When to begin Social Media Monitoring?

• Expansion: So you are a Corporate Monarch! You have started with one industry and are now expanding your kingdom in other industries, too, which is only logical step ad it boosts your profits and company image, too. For you, your free social media endorsers are many not just your clients and customers, but also your employees. The more you go on adding verticals, these numbers would only multiply and social media monitoring will be the only way you track their and your company’s or vertical’s activities on a single dash board in real time.
You should be the first one to monitor, ahead of your competitors or they can eat away your market share by being more prompt. Social Media Monitoring brings you 360 degree solution by aiding your-Human Resources, Customer Support, Business Development, Corporate Communication, Research and Development, Public Relation and Investors. It gives you an edging immediacy!
• Small or Medium Size businesses: When you are indulging in social media marketing and using all the free social media sites for your benefit, then monitoring is essential for you, irrespective of the size of your business. It not only shows you what you are doing right but also tell you what your competitor is doing correct or not. It shows you opportunities to grow. If you have email id and you use it for more than sending a mail then yes, social media monitoring is for your business.
Many enterprises are of the view that social media monitoring is not for them, well it can be true if you do not have any online advertising activity and if your audience is not going to talk about you! While the former may be possible, chances of later are low, as even street side hot dog stall would get a social media mention for his product and service!

How does Social Media Monitoring work?
Before you understand how Social Media Monitoring works you first need to sit down and discuss amongst your team, bosses even people from other departments and discuss what is it that you are looking for when you monitor! With the mammoth of conversations that land on your screen may scare you or even worse confuse you by diverting your attention from one point or detail to another and this chaos will not let you establish anything concrete for your brand and you would end up feeling that you have wasted your time, energy and money behind this product!
So sit down and zero down on things that you are looking to identify, they could be-
Complains or criticisms about your products or services Tracking your competitor Identifying new business opportunity Monitoring audience’s reaction toward your new product launch Invigilating your PR activities Researching for new product idea Your share of conversations in your industry Recognize when is the good time to make announcements online Know which are the hours your users are most active Who are your top gossipers
Above mentioned are just a few ideas that you might consider when you are monitoring so that you would look at each conversation very pointedly and with clear idea, proving it to be a fruitful experience for your company and you wouldn’t even end up wasting your valuable time and energy on the browsing through millions of conversations on your dashboard.

CHAPTER V How does Social Media Monitoring work?

Social Media Monitoring, technically, works in very simple manner- add in the keywords that you want to track in the tool that you choose and then get the real time feeds any time you want. With
these feeds, depending upon the tool that you are using you can monitor you top sources, sites where the conversations are taking place, top keywords what are they talking about most, sentiments of the crowd, which type of social media s talking about you most, take action and indulge in some collaborative working within minutes and a lot more. This is what you can do on the dashboard in matter of minutes by closely studying the fetched feeds closely.
Social Media Monitoring if done carefully, by following the relevant conversations precisely then you could support and boost your efforts towards Human Resources, Customer Support, Business Development, Corporate Communication, Research and Development, Public Relation departments and Investors. When it is all on the single dashboard with easily navigating tools then you have power of turning each mention about you in a productive conversation that could enhance your online corporate image and profile, like never before!
Non technically, you have to ‘Listen, Listen, Listen…’ Only when you listen well from the feeds that social media monitoring tool have pulled for you, can you make sense of the data and then go on to:
• Monitor: you invigilate and sort the important conversations form the unimportant ones by classifying and filtering them down to the chunk that interests you the most
• Measure: you can measure what these select conversations are trying to tell you, calculate their sentiments how and what they are talking what is the kind of influence that they are creating out there in the market
• Analyze: analyzing these conversations, is the next logical step where you can evaluate where have you gone right or wrong, what is it that you need to do to get the point across, are there any growth opportunities for you or have you been able to meet your goal, if not then where is it that you have flawed
• Engage: engaging is two here- one is external with your social media audience by reverting to their queries, complains, criticism, praises, compliments, identifying opportunities, boosting sales marketing, supporting HR and corporate communications, etc and two is internal with you team where you can work collaboratively by assigning task to a department or a person asking him to act on the conversations; for instance if there is some technical flaw that an audience has pointed out then you can assign this mention to your technical head, asking him to research it and take action on this flaw by assigning and commenting.

Which Social Media Monitoring tool should I start with?
Here is where you start your Social Media Monitoring, with Omllion, a Social Media Management Company. We offer world class monitoring, measuring, analyzing and engaging tool at affordable rates. We offer novel, dynamic and flexible tools that have been exquisitely designed and can be customized to keep you in loop about real time chatters and mentions surrounding your brand, company, people or any keywords that are important to you. With Omllion social media monitoring tools you can do following things, which are just a few highlights of the actual product:-
Identify Top sources Top keywords Top authors Top influencers Sentiments- good, bad and neutral Assign conversation to a person or departments Classify it depending upon its nature Comment on them Track Audience’s response on your content in terms of – likes, re-tweets, shares, etc Your growth against your competitors A certain conversation- it is a new feature where in you can track a certain conversation (a news piece or article or Facebook status or tweet) to know response that it garners! Are your external agencies like PR, advertising, social media, etc are delivering what they promised. And a lot more can be achieved and established with Omllion’s social media monitoring tool.

Where to get started with Social Media Monitoring?
Getting started with Social Media Monitoring just got easier with Omllion. You can get in touch with us at details given below.
Once you request for demo, within 48 hours we would arrange one for you!
And if you want to get started with our product, you can do so by signing up online and within 8 hours you would have your login id and password with you.


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